Besides promotion through platforms, improving their level of commitment to sustainability and their communication is one of my specialities. As freelance and consultant, I offer a different range of services for brands that need it.

  • for brands in Fashion & Hospitality industries

  • for brands in Fashion & Hospitality industries

  • sustainable uniforms for Hotels




The collaboration with Dan has been great. We have increased the visibility of our brand among responsible consumers who already followed him. Also, he did a personalized course for Back To Eco about how to run Social Media

Núria Nubiola - Co-Owner & Biologist

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Are you looking to improve the performance and operations of your company in a sustainable way but you struggle on your own? Are you aiming to promote your sustainable products or services? Or maybe looking for a specific niche audience and needing help on that? 


My Team


Sara Mokhtari

Coordinator & Guardian Angel

She holds a degree in Languages & Modern Culture for Hospitality and Tourism and an MBA in Project Management. Passionate about the online world, fashion and photography and fluent in 5 languages, Sara wants to dedicate herself to the Digital world, trying to convey trust, curiosity and positivity. Without her, I would be lost! She supports me in Sustainable-Man & the European Sustainable Hospitality Club.


Eddna Lewis


You could say that she has had it inside since she was little, and it shows. Being the last one in a long saga of portrait artists generations, now photography occupies a very important position in her life. For Eddna, photography is not just a job, but a passion. An emotion, one more organ of her body.
Her goal, as Richard Avedon said, is to make in photography “portraits as intense as people”.


Xavi G. Guillamon


He lives in a mental videoclip since 1982. Xavi has always been interested in the stories told through images and sound. What exites him the most is finding that click, that well places fram that provoke shivers in your skin. Part of his training comes from the Social world, and therefore the projects that result more interestings to him are those that explain something beyond the merely visual.


Inés Alomar


Architecture and Cinema share many concepts: the perspective, the composition, the route of the spaces, the lighting... and both are Ines passions and professions nowadays. What most interests her from an artistic point of view is that those two disciplines will never stop to surprise and excite her, as Ines sees them as an infinite learning path to follow. Full of creativity, she is able to express herself through the camera lense.


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