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Post Industrial Fashion Show 2018, the art of creating from the waste.

A month ago, I was lucky enough and honored to be able to present the second edition of the Post Industrial Fashion Show 2018 (hereinafter PIFS); October the 13th in the Nau Bostik of Barcelona. This event, as well as the entity that promotes it, conforms to my principles and philosophy regarding fashion today.

I would like to let you all know will explain what the event is about and how it was organized so that you understand why I am so excited to have participated in this challenge.

The motivation and the main objective of this event is to make the society aware of the impact that the fashion production and distribution system has on our world, a model known as Fast Fashion.

This leads to socioeconomic abuses, in addition to a large negative impact on the environment due to the overproduction of waste generated. The PIFS is a different show, not only because the designs are based on upcycling (creatively reusing materials through design), but also because models of different ages, ethnicities and styles participated, allowing for multiculturalism and breaking with the canons of beauty so typical of the fashion industry.

At the same time, we were able to enjoy the music of Grandson & LaCroix live during the whole parade while trying to raise awareness and awareness to the public through images and messages about the environmental and social problems that the fashion industry currently involves.

Photos taken by: MonBonDia, Post Industrial Community, Marta García

What is intended with this event is to present a viable alternative to replace the current unsustainable model of "fast fashion" with upcycling and thus promote a circular economy and try to move society in order to make them more respectful with the environment and the people.

In short, they try to create a movement that is based on design and innovation, discover new canons of beauty and promote the alternative and individual beauty of each being, use raw materials that are respectful with the environment and respect the rights of the people.

Throughout the day the designs created by Maria Clè Leal, AU-RA, Back to Eco, Creativvo, YNHOIA, Zortziak bat, INTO, Anna Trash, Del Través y Virginia Rondeel Upcycling Collection were exposed in mannequins thanks to the collaboration with Atrezzo Barcelona and Odos Visual Merchandising and then we were able to enjoy other of the same artists in the parade that started at 7pm.

Photos taken by: MonBonDia, Post Industrial Community, Marta García

After the show the attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the creations and the philosophy of the designers in a Meet the Designers break, thus promoting networking. The PIFS has been possible thanks to the non-profit association Post Industrial Community and the support of the city council of Barcelona, Ecoembes and Cafés Novell.

The Post Industrial Fashion Show wants to promote a new vision on fashion, one that shows its capacity to change into an industry that is respectful with the environment and with people, as well as initiate a critical view on contemporary stereotypes of beauty
Virginia Rondeel, presidenta de Post Industrial Community


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