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Is it ethical to shear animals and use their fur?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Shearing animals is considered to be inhumane by many, especially vegans or people opposed to the use of animals for the production of clothing.

In some cases, however, it has been shown that not shearing animals that need to be sheared, i.e., those who shed their hair seasonally in response to the weather, is not only detrimental to the animals physiologically, but can even cause death for some of them.

I can clearly see this with my rabbits, both Jabibi and Mocatriz shed their hair seasonally. Since I do not have angora, which is most in need of this kind of care, I have to take good care of their hygiene and remove the old shed to keep them from having intestinal problems.

What amazes me is that during all this time, many people have gone completely against the shearing or shearing of animals without taking into account certain details like these.

Just because you're vegan, or just because you don't want to use animal skin, or force animals as abuse, doesn't mean that everything you do with them is abuse.

It has been shown that shearing is beneficial, so with the expense produced in this process, with the remains that are leftover, why can't they be used to creating something that is beneficial to human beings?

We are not talking about harming animals to get a product or cage animals to get a product. However, it is necessary to consider certain cultures in certain countries that may not be as advanced or those that are not considered "first world" countries.

In other words, if we consider families who need to make every effort to live in conditions sometimes as minimal as possible, we cannot be so closed-minded about the fact that has animals and raises them to eat what they produce and use their hair.

Until now, I was referring to animals with fur, but while writing these lines, other animals began to come to mind: chickens, the ones that use their eggs and give them organic food scraps, thus avoiding more waste or waste.

It seems that living in cities or in more advanced places, we have forgotten certain minimums that all humans have had at a certain time in order to survive in the system (capitalist or not).

Would you support the non-violent and appropriate use of animals for the improvement of human lives?


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