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GUNAS New York. Or how to wear a fashionable vegan bag.

Are you a fan of bags, do you want one for every occasion but you are NO fan of animal skin being used for that purpose? Is there a solution to combat such evil? Yes there is and below I explain you how. During these days we have seen the empty streets of cities, without people or cars, we have seen nature reclaiming its space, and we have even seen how the ozone layer has partially recovered. Animals that we would never have imagined, have been spotted approaching our coasts or wandering through our cities without fear of man.

Now we can make fashion compatible with the preservation of these animals. For this reason, the brand GUNAS New York is one of those reflecting this by making their bags in a vegan way while still achieving the leather effect.

GUNAS is an independent couture brand with a cause. Started in 2009 by designer and animal lover Sugandh G. Agrawal, the heart and soul of GUNAS New York rise to be the voice of animals. The company's mission is that animals do not exist to be part of fashion, so they are committed to being a 100% vegan brand. The pieces they create are both elegant and versatile-functional to fit our wardrobe.

How do you replace the leather coming from animals in the manufacturing of their bags throughout its range? The answer is that for the high-quality and sustainable production they use an innovative and ancient technique that was used in Korea based on plants called "Mulbtex" made with mulberry leaves and at the same time they combine the recycling of more than 20,000 bottles of plastic for covering of the fabrics.

For the everyday use I have chosen from the range of backpacks. The 100% vegan “Cougar Backpack” is ideal in our daily use even for traveling. Sizewise, it is large enough to store your camera, phone, iPad, wallet, bottle of water and many other essentials. This backpack has several divisions including an interior zippered pocket that separates the main part, I use it to store things like my wallet, keys... anything that should not be accessible when someone opens your backpack. It has 2 open pockets in different sizes to store your mobile, a small agenda or pens. The backpack also includes a special bag for cleaning.

The shoulder strap is made of a light texture that makes it very comfortable to wear and avoids marking you when wearing it. The material used to manufacture it is 100% eco-friendly polyurethane with a vegan texture and a recycled plastic bottle liner. The buckles are also made from recycled material and are 18 carat gold plated. The bag comes in several colors and I have opted for this vibrant orange, ideal at any time of the year.

Changing register towards work I have selected the elegant and comfortable unisex briefcase "Moby". On a side note, the name of the briefcase has been given by the namelike musician and composer "Moby", an advocate of veganism and animal rights through his music.

This briefcase is handmade and made completely of compressed sheets of paper coated with the pulp of mulberry leaves (an innovative technique used by GUNQS) on cotton fabric and treated to imitate the properties of real leather, so that It looks like leather but what we are really talking about is a completely vegan piece. Its interior is divided into different compartments to be able to place sizewise both computer and pens, folders, etc. It also has 2 external pockets which are covered when closing the briefcase; I use them for pens and a small calculator.

Another feature is the strap which allows you to carry it on your shoulder in a more comfortable way. It is available in 2 colors, black and brown. I have opted for black since it is a classic and timeless color that combines with everything.

So next time you need a leather bag, don’t doubt it, go vegan, go GUNAS!

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