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Learn how to upcycle your wardrobe with "From Trash To Runway"



I created FTTR to make upcycling accessible to everyone. We all have unique styles and items in our wardrobes that we no longer wear, but what if we could turn those items into something new and exciting? My book, From Trash To Runway, is about transforming waste into beautiful and sustainable fashion. With 20 original designs and a step-by-step process for creating them, anyone can learn how to upcycle their old clothes into something amazing. Plus, the book comes with access to a digital area full of resources for creating your own pieces or finding local seamsters to help bring your designs to life. Join me on this journey towards a more sustainable future with fashion that looks great and does good for the planet.


By reading my book, "From Trash to Runway", you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concept of upcycling and how it can be applied to the fashion industry. You'll learn practical tips and techniques for creating your own unique upcycled pieces, including 20 step-by-step designs that you can make yourself or take to a local seamstress.

In addition, the book includes a section on sustainability in the fashion industry, covering topics such as consumption habits, donation impact, and the importance of upcycling. You'll also find inspiring profiles of upcycling brands and designers who have made a significant impact in the industry.


Did you know that the average person has a significant amount of clothing in their wardrobe that goes unworn and is ultimately discarded?


How many times have you wished for a custom-made outfit that truly reflects your individuality and uniqueness the way you want it?


Did you know that upcycling the clothes in your closet is one way to do just that? Instead of letting your clothes go to waste, give them a new life and a unique spin with upcycling.


How about stepping up your fashion game with sustainable style 3.0? As the industry evolves, so do the creators behind it. Be part of the movement and join the new wave of conscious fashion.

By scanning the QR code included in the book, you'll unlock access to a digital world where you can explore more facts about sustainability in the fashion industry. Plus, you'll get access to detailed information on pattern making, sewing, and even real-life pictures of the 20 unique designs included in the book. But that's not all, you'll also find a list of secondhand stores per country so you can find complimentary fabric that comes from reused clothing and reduce your impact on the environment. With this book, you're not just getting a set of instructions on upcycling, but an entire ecosystem of knowledge and resources to become an expert upcycler.

In From Trash to Runway, you'll discover a wealth of knowledge and practical tips to help you achieve sustainable fashion practices. Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • FACTS ABOUT SUSTAINABILITY IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY: Learn about the impact of consumption habits and donations, as well as the importance of upcycling. This chapter will give you the insights you need to make more informed choices as a consumer.

  • TIPS FOR DESIGN: With my tried and tested practices, you'll be able to achieve your upcycling goals with confidence. I'll guide you through the process of sketching and pattern faking, even if you're not a pattern maker.

  • INSPIRATIONAL PROFILES: Explore the work of upcycling brands and designers that have inspired me in creating the designs for my remade clothes. You might even discover your new favorite brand!

  • THE CREATION PROCESS: Learn how to choose the right items from your closet to upcycle, as well as other sources of materials. You'll also get tips on how to make the most of what you have and avoid waste.

  • 20 UNIQUE DESIGNS: Discover step-by-step instructions to create 20 unique designs that you can adapt to the items in your wardrobe. These designs are easy to follow, and you'll be amazed at the transformation of your clothes.

With this book, you'll not only improve your impact on the planet, but also gain valuable insights and skills to take your upcycling journey to the next level.


"From Trash To Runway," has received positive reviews from several media outlets around the world, and I'm thrilled to share that the book has been featured in publications such as Man of Many, Global Citizen, Sublime Magazine Bazaar, and more. Looks like my mission to encourage sustainable fashion practices is not falling on deaf ears! The love and support from you guys have been overwhelming, and to top it all, I'm getting noticed by the big wigs in the fashion industry. You can imagine my joy when respected media outlets started taking notice!

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Sublime Magazine
Global Citizen
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“In order to defeat the linear take-make-and-waste model of living that wreaks such havoc on the planet's life sustaining resources, we need visionaries. These are those individuals pragmatic and skilled enough to coach us in how to adapt, but also exciting enough to inspire us to ditch our safety net. Dan Pontarlier is that person for fashion. He makes upcycled fashion aspirational and accessible to everyone.  This is not just a project for a rainy day, it's a new way of thinking.” 

words by

Lucy Siegle

THE                    PLEDGE


Let's break it down! Here's how it works: For each book sold, a tree will be planted in Haiti where it's needed most. But that's just the beginning! As the reader, you'll be contributing to a forest in your name in Forest Nation. You can even plant additional trees alongside the ones I'm planting!

Not only that, but you'll be able to see the number of trees planted, how much CO2 they're absorbing, and other important information. The trees are planted by local people and when they bear fruit, they're used by the community.


Forest Nation has already made a huge impact in places like Tanzania, where they've planted enough trees to support the community and even sell them on the market!

By getting your hands on this book, you're not only learning how to upcycle your wardrobe and create unique pieces, but you're also making a positive impact on the planet and communities in need.


One tree will be planted for every book sold, so why wait? Get your copy now and join the movement towards sustainable fashion and a greener planet!



When you purchase the book From Trash To Runway, you'll receive a special access to the Digital Area. This exclusive online area offers a variety of resources to help you upcycle your own clothing and reduce your fashion footprint, including:

  • SEWING RESOURCES: From beginner to advanced, you'll find a range of sewing videos to guide you through the process of creating your own upcycled pieces.

  • PATTERN MAKING RESOURCES: Whether you're a novice or an expert, the pattern making resources will help you create unique designs with ease. You'll find videos on pattern "faking" as well as real pattern making, so you can choose the method that works best for you.

  • VIDEOS WITH THE 20 UNIQUE DESIGNS: Want to see the designs in action? Watch the videos where I demonstrate step-by-step how to create the 20 unique pieces featured in the book.


Join my tribe of fashion revolutionaries and let's upcycle the world together!


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