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Strategic Sustainability Plan

Through a deeply planned and an easy to implement Sustainability Strategy, we support brands looking to increase their commitment to the world.

How does it work?


Along with the client, we work together defining the areas where a sustainability implementation is needed.​


We develop an analysis of the business and their transversal acquisition of sustainability practices.


Once the findings are analysed, deliverables with recommendations will be shared and set to apply.


Working along with your marketing department, we'll share the best tips for clear communication.

Definition of the needs

We will work together in an in-depth analysis of your business, considering all teams and areas. Sustainability needs to be applied transversally and the analysis must be carried in its full extent, including the different actors involved within the business.

Analysis of the Company

Assessing and identifying the main priorities in regards to risks and opportunities for your brand I will develop recommendations on actions to undertake to improve the level of engagement to sustainability of the company.

A custom report based on the exploration will be delivered, including a review of the most important points to undertake action and the motivations and reasons behind them that push them to top priority. The report will also contain recommendations regarding alliances with other actors and goals that should be accomplished according to different timings  -short to long term-.

Enforcement of actions

Even though the report will include indicators to track the advance in the goals set, we will guide you with the enforcement of the actions in your business to improve your commitment to sustainability. During the following year, you will be able to place a strategic call with me once a month to synthesise the changes achieved and the road to go. 

Communicating the change

Actions in sustainability have to be communicated properly to not create confusion and avoid misunderstandings. Communication is key in the implementation of these kind of projects, as it will let you communicate internal and external customers about the changes that are happening in your organisation. Through conscious messages and a curated creation of the concepts and explanations, we will deliver a communication strategy that will set the basis for the green communication showing the company's values, commitment and goals through its different platforms. 

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