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Why 21buttons and TikTok are going to overcome Instagram

Where Instagram has become the main platform to share our daily movements, 21buttons and TikTok have definitely become the platforms where we escape to for a check on our hobbies and interests.

How many times have you been checking out on Instagram products from your favourite brands but were you unable to find the link to a product because it was not tagged? If your answer is “many”, you are already running late for creating your 21 buttons profile. If on top of this you like to watch short dancing videos or you are obsessed with video filters, music, lip-syncs or challenges, then you should definitely check TikTok.

I personally use IG to communicate with my family, friends and followers about my life, my outfit, my job, sustainable events, etc… To share means making people participate in the topics you love, care and post about. And every one of us shares their own world or how we look at it through our eyes.

But what happens when you are looking for fashion inspiration? Instagram has become a center for everyone's interest and hobbies, and this includes your friends interests and hobbies too , thus filling your timeline with excellent content, but maybe not with the content you want to see exactly in that moment.

So let me give you an example: have you ever heard of 21Buttons? Well, read on if you want to know more!

Today, if you want to tell something about fashion, you only need a good image or video with the right filter. Enters 21Buttons, the first fashion, social and shopping network and it certainly is the new frontier for fashion influencers.

The app itself can be considered to be a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. After creating your profile, you are able to bookmark clothes you intend to buy, or post pictures of clothes that are either yours. Once you have tagged the link to the product website, you share this with your friends and followers.

Buying, saving and matching are the three magic words for every fashion addict; you can always save the desired item in the wishlist, keeping it visible to the other buttoners. You can also combine the garment by creating a real wardrobe or virtual clotheset. Users become influencers themselves, and the platform provides visibility to those who generate quality UGC.

Another important asset are the search filters: just like in an online store, you can search for an outfit by selecting the type of garment, the brand and the price range, and the most trendy outfits will be displayed first.

Will it really get to the point where the brands themselves will be inspired or even influenced by these new fashion business levers? They should! Otherwise they will start losing a big market share between posts of cakes, DIY and challenges. As a matter of fact, specifically sustainable brands should speed up to partner with apps like 21Buttons, with their broad reach and young public.

The other interesting player is Tik Tok, a great discovery especially in these quarantine days. I was already aware of it, but just in these few weeks of staying at home, I realized how much fun and curious it is; I could even describe it as a fascinating mean of entertainment.

Furthermore, it is a fun App used by many popular and international characters, from influencers such as Chiara Ferragni to actors such as George Clooney. In addition to recording up to a minute of performance, the application allows you to insert predefined filters or effects to customize the video with quite many different options. Currently there are more than 12 million videos being published every day, from all parts of the world and in all languages.

Nevertheless, I have to say that my favourite one is 21buttons. It might be because I’m a fashion addict, but everything is so easy and simple in that platform that I can spend hours there looking for inspiration!

And you, what is your favourite Social Media?


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