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Lost in Samsara, the recycled faux leather backpack.

Lost in Samsara is a social enterprise that was born three years ago by the hand of two Italian entrepreneurs who started it in London and partnered along with two projects in Cambodia. The idea behind the company is to empower artisans and communities through fair trade by producing a selection of accessories that respect both people and the environment and by promoting slow-production systems and trade over charity.

The entity works directly with two projects in Cambodia where skilled artisans create all of the upcycled collections that include bags and wallets. As well, they produce jewelry from recycled bullet cases, as they still have loads of them after the war, so the artisans recycle them by melting and turning them into jewelry.

All of their work is the result of collaborative design with the artisans in the area. This company strive to produce crafts that are made with recycled materials like used tyres, cement bags, bullet cases and motorcycle seats but with a modern twist and with designs that can be appealing to the western markets.

The brand also partners with One Tree Planted, a non-profit based entity in Vermont that is focused on Global Reforestation. They believe trees are really important and for every online item sold Lost In Samsara along with One Tree Planted will be able to plant a tree in Africa, North & South America and Asia, being this their way to help reduce their carbon footprints and contribute to reduce the effects of climate change.

Once this is said, I've been using one of Lost In Samsara items for the past few weeks, and it has been super handy, comfortable, convenient and with a fabulous design. The subtle color blending of different faux leather from old motorcycle seats makes this backpack easily combinable with other pieces of clothing or accessories of similar tones.

Besides the great exterior design, which includes lateral space for holding a bottle of water, the backpack is awesome in the inside too. The smooth and soft touch of the interior of the bag  it's prepared with an arranged space for your computer and several pockets for your phone, wallet and pens. In the front inner flap, the backpack has a zipper to store small objects more securely. The materials used make this backpack really strong and it's also waterproof.

Don't forget, Lost in Samsara is member of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers, as all of their partners are fair trade certified and work tirelessly to be the change they wish to see in the world; empowering the most disadvantaged people on the planet by providing them with vocational training and fair wages.

"By buying from them, you’re helping support these collectives… and truly transform lives."

Alessia & Marvi - Founders

Buy an item from Lost in Samsara clicking in the logo of the brand and use the promotional code DPONTARLIER20 to get a 20% discount:

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