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Driving down carbon emissions with Sherbet Ride

Last month I spent a few days in London attending PURE. This time, in my aim to reduce my carbon footprint, I used a brand new (for me) taxi service: Sherbet Ride. It is an all-electric and accessible taxi fleet offering a green transport solution in London. But not only are they sustainable, their guest service is impressive and part of their DNA. It's London’s fastest growing all electric licensed taxi fleet, with a 500 strong electric taxis, driven by the world’s best and safest taxi drivers.

I used them 5 times to get to PURE and back and also to catch the train at St. Pancras to go back to Paris, and as I had reserved the rides, each time my Sherbet Ride driver was waiting for me.

During the ride I could continue working as they are fully wifi and USB equipped, take a nap or just enjoy the sights through the glass sunroof. The drivers all know London at heart so Glenn –which was the top driver for me, friendly as no one I have ever meet– and his colleagues got me each time in record time to destination and the fixed fares avoid surprises when needing to pay.

Car emissions are source for pollution in the city and can cause serious health issues, either respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological. They also have a serious environmental impact. The switch of traditional cars to electricity driven is a big step towards sustainable mobility. The latter is generally defined as that mobility compatible with human and environmental health.

Trains, buses, bicycles and electric cars create less CO2 emissions as unsustainable transport; making our cities more habitable not just for humans, but also for animals.

Black cabs cause 20% of road transport emissions in central London, and this will probably increase if no action is taken. But, for the moment they are exempt from the Ultra Low Emission Zone! Difficult to explain.  

All cars are spacious 6-seater sustainable electric taxis and provide comfort and amenities with a private passenger compartment and swivel seats for accessibility and privacy. The panoramic glass sunroof is great for light and visibility and allows you to do some sightseeing during the ride. You can be comfortable up to 5 people.

So next time you’re in London, and you want to make the most of your time in a comfortable environment, get a Sherbet Ride taxi through the app or on the phone. That same app allows you to be in touch with the driver, and let’s you know when the car has arrived. All to make it easier for you…

So just one thing to say:  sit back and relax !

Our new vision, powered by investment and belief in electric power technology, focuses on delivering technological and service excellence within Sherbet Ride, never losing focus on sustainability.
The Sherbet Ride Team
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