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Virginia Stone, an innovative brand that's right for you!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Those who have known and followed me for the longest time know perfectly well the topics I have at heart and the message I try to transmit and spread through my work and my passions every day. From here, I want to talk to you about an innovative and disruptive brand, Virginia Stone. But before talking about it in detail, it is better to start from something broader to better understand the general concept.

A major risk factor determined by the use of chemicals is bioaccumulation, which is the process by which they agglomerate on the skin, causing the onset of serious diseases. In fact, there is legislation at the European level that strictly limits its use as some of these are potentially carcinogenic or, in any case, act on the hormonal system by modifying it genetically.

So by taking just that into consideration, Virginia Stone finds a solution to all of this and introduces a fresh new concept to the skincare industry known as Tone Factor. They offer 3 collections of cutting-edge skin tones: Kavesi for fair skin; Jasari for medium skin; and Odaja for dark skin tones. Each formula is tailored to the unique needs and concerns of each skin tone. The formulas are contained in a unique and truly sustainable stone jar known as Luxador which is made with recycled content/ hemp fiber/ limestone/ sand/ water.

The Virginia Stone brand was designed and built to demonstrate that a brand can have a soul, that ethical healthy skincare can be truly luxurious and exceptional at every level. Diversity and inclusion are the characteristics that distinguish Virginia Stone, which has always tried not to be a "me too" brand.

In a period in which attention to the environment is high and climate change and all the environmental issues connected to it play a central role, we often wonder if the green turning point of brands and companies is not yet another passing trend to capture consumers or a new mindset. Or whether the brands today considered "eco-sustainable" have always been or have become so. While many have decided to embrace the concept of "sustainability" over time and change their vision of the production, Virginia Stone was born eco-sustainable: sustainability and ethics were the fundamental pillars of every design, formula, and initiative connected to the brand.

In the not too distant future, ethics and aesthetics will be inseparable. And you can already see it now. What does this change for a brand? A product can no longer be considered solely on the basis of factors such as materials, creativity, and labor. It must be made richer, creating a story that transmits the values ​​of that brand and knows how to excite, but with meaningful messages. And if it has always been essential to involve the audience for any type of business, today it is equally essential to embrace more sustainable policies and avoid wasting natural resources.

So with Virginia Stone, we wanted to change the way we see and work in our offices by preferring renewable energy sources and limiting the consumption of plastic as much as possible, enjoying the esteem of the new generations. Designs and formulates for individual skin tones, delivering exceptional results. Its formulas are "water-free", made in small batches, highly potent and active and edible (without commercializing this concept). Each formula is made with the best organic raw materials of premium food quality. Virginia Stone is the only natural skincare line that has a shelf life of 3 years. They have designed a natural plant-based conservation system, which is far superior to anything available on the market today. And to not be enough, the packaging is "plastic-free" and truly sustainable.

Also, in terms of products and services, so you always know how to distinguish them, they launched the first 3 SKU’s, Eyes by Virginia Stone, in 3 skin tone collections. An all-in-one eye concentrate, custom-designed to your skin tone and set in stone. These unique and performing formulas offer intense hydration, protection from pollution, natural sun protection, and active healing properties.

And there are probably plans to launch more SKU’s later this year, along with private consultancy and a customization program. (We cannot wait!!)

It took time and sweat of course: what we don't tend to say or leave aside is the difficulty of the "arrival point". To be sustainable it takes more effort, more commitment, and more solidarity. I like to speak in terms of people rather than companies because behind every big brand that we tend to call a company there are people and these people create something new and ethical every day for us and for the environment.

Thanks to this hard work Virginia Stone was awarded the Butterfly Mark, by Positive Luxury for being proud of their art, service, and design while caring for the resources of the planets. As a "brand you can trust," Virginia Stone has demonstrated responsible governance, philanthropy, innovation, and a sustainable social and environmental framework. Raw materials are purchased from small organic farmers and fair trade women's cooperatives (mainly in Africa). It was awarded a "0" by ThinkDirty as a superior clean formula, after winning the "Best Sustainable Brand for 2018-2019" award at the Eluxe Awards.

If it wasn’t enough, in addition to having sustainable operations and products Virginia Stone also supports other causes like Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, One Tree Planted, The Mother Africa Trust, and The Ethandweni Childen’s Home.

Maybe I’m biased, it's true, but they can only satisfy your needs and requests, try it on your skin!


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