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Be a sustainable gentleman with Suitsupply.

Founded in the year 2000 in Amsterdam, Suitsupply combines all that the nowadays gentlemen need: style, quality, elegance and an approach to sustainability involved throughout the whole design process, acknowledged by being a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and also for being the signers of the call to Action for a Circular Fashion System; a commitment to increase the recycling and collection of products as well as the increase in the share of garments made from recycled textile fabrics.

Suitsupply supports circular economy by its actions: They use first quality materials from mills in Italy and their garments have great durability, that could be amended or repair in any of their stores to prolong their use, and finally they recycle products and materials. All this while having a great attention to detail!

What I love the most about wearing Suitsupply suits is their fit. The tailoring is completely personalized and Custom Made in an awesome way, giving the product the value that it deserves. They are using fabrics made with the utmost respect to people and the environment by companies that are centuries old as Vitale Barberis Canonico. The knowledge that the employees in-store have about the product is unbelievable, and that makes you connect even more with the brand and the craftsmanship behind it.

In order to reward the commitment of the customer with sustainability and the planet, Suitsupply launched its global Recycling Rewards program, in order to prevent the waste from landfill. That is not an easy task though: in order to create new recycled fabric, they have to return the garments to their original material in raw state, which means chopping and shredding the fabrics in order to produce new ones. Besides, they need to add their knowledge and practices so they don’t compromise the quality of the raw material.

Although their specialty are suits, they have an impressive range of products for men that are elegant and modern. On their website you can find other garments with a more of a street touch.

I have a couple of suits from Circular Wool Flannel, which is a sustainable, high-quality 100% natural virgin wool that is responsibly produced, additive-free and upcycled; which reduces CO2 emissions and saves up to 50 litres of water per suit.

From left to right: (1,3)Havana Navy Suitby SUITSUPPLY with vintage cape by Marithé Girbaud and Hunter boots. (2)Havana Grey Stripe Suitwith Vivienne Westwood + Joseph Cheaney shoes.

I chose the Havana Grey Stripe Suit as it is tailored to a slim fit which is the shape that best suits my body. It has a pronounced stripe pattern in a brownish colour, along with patch pockets, a notch lapel and pleated shoulders. The best of the suit pants is that they have an elastic waistband with a zip fly and inside-drawstring closure for the button, which makes it invisible to the eye from the outside and gives to the whole suit a more informal vibe if you wear it with a T-shirt or a turtleneck.

My second favourite is the Havana Navy Suit, also produced in the same fabric, but this time I chose it with a wonderful vest that makes it even more classy. The suit pants in this case are definitely more classic, something that I love for depending which situations.

Seeing these garments and others from their collections you can immediately appreciate their passion for creating a distinctive, elegant and at the same time sustainable products.

Furthermore, the fact of choosing the highest quality and certified materials with the best suppliers, as well as taking care of the rhythms and bases of the production process has no price.

"For us it's about keeping and retaining value, to create change beyond our own practices & deeper into our value chains, with engagement of suppliers, employees and customers."
SuitSupply Team

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