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What makes you special?

Increase your brand visibility and reputation by promoting it with one of the most recognised European Sustainable Menswear Ambassadors.
I connect your brand with the style-conscious man online, at events and through the media. I'm here to maximise our impact and visibility by spreading your message and vision as brand.

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All the things you need

Essentials included


More targeted exposure for your brand both online and offline.

New Customers

Build trust and get liked and loved by potential new customers.

Media Features

Appear in online and offline medias with your brand.

Personal Style

With my personal way of communicating, get to new followers in a more creative way.

Digital Expertise

Learn techniques useful in Social Media for the development of your brand.

Brand Coaching

Discounted rates on services to help grow your business.

Appear in magazines

Get visible offline

I have been published in offline magazines for my looks & aesthetics while promoting sustainable fashion brands. Working with my awesome team, we work on editorial publications that benefit the brands that we work with.

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... and News Channels

Get visible online

Recognised for my work in the field and with 15 years of experience working in sustainability across Tourism, Hospitality and Fashion, I get interviewed in online magazines and International news channels, to share my point of view about different issues concerning sustainability in the different fields that I have knowledge in.

Broaden your reach

to 70.000 new diverse followers

Appearing in Instagram and Facebook, it's OK. But it's necessary to unlock a higher level by engaging with different markets and through having a correct channel mix not just of distribution but also of visibility. 
I will be able to tell your story in the most adequate way for each platform (to my 70K followers), so it's perceived in the best way by your potential customer.  It is key to stay in the top and be aware of the new platforms that are appearing, and that is also something I do.


Important Hashtags

the importance to be TOP

Hashtags are being explored daily by users looking for inspiration, products, services and more.

Appearing in the top of the list in hashtags related to the fashion industry, your brand will be able to reach users that are deeply interested in the topic of sustainable fashion.

Featured Reels

with more than 1.000.000 views

Since the launch of the new Instagram algorithm and the incorporation of the new Reels in the platform, two of my most recent videos have been featured.

This is a great opportunity for your brand to be able to appear in one of my most viewed videos.

Reels are starting to overcome the flow of Instagram, being pushed by the platform to overcome their main competitor TikTok. It is crucial to embrace that new trend in order to improve the visibility of your brand.


and more to come!

growing our video skills

Along with my team, we are developing alternatives to mainstreams challenges that let my Reels become a featured pick by Instagram.

That doesn't just increase my followers and general views of the profile, but also interactions with all my previous posts and an increase in the engagement % in all my posts.

It is time to show that sustainable fashion is not boring and it has a positive message that is important to share!

As Featured in

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Be Kind Magazine.png
Sublime Logo.JPG

Keynote Speaker & Runway Model

in main Sustainable Fashion events

I have been Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies in some of the main Sustainable Fashion Events and Festivals as Presente Ancestral in the Paris Fashion Week 2019 and the Post Industrial Fashion Show 2018 in Barcelona.

Some brands have chosen me as model for their brands in festivals for my commitment in the industry and aesthetics. I have been walking the runway for sustainable brands in the PURE London 2020, the Global Sustainable Fashion Week 2019 in Budapest and the PIFS 2018.


Check my Interviews

in your preferred channel

I have appeared in a series of webinars and podcasts. In this last one, you'll find a funny interview about part of my life and my commitment to sustainability.

You can also find the links for Spotify and Apple Podcasts here:


Media Kit & Stats

You can check this pdf viewer to see the Media Kit, so you can see more closely and more graphically the statistics.

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